Who Are We ?

Laurent Feiner has specialised in insurance journalism since 1987. His articles appear in the financial pages of the Belgian weekly Trends.

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Mr Feiner was eager to provide his expertise to insurance professionals. He decided to use his insurance know-how and founded DECAVI for this purpose in September 1991. He remains its Chief Executive Officer.

DECAVI has become an irresistible actor on the insurance stage. Its work is indispensable for insurance professionals, insurers, brokers, actuaries and all decision-makers needing to understand the latest developments. It organizes events, publishes bulletins, and since 2000, has been awarding the famous DECAVI’s insurance Trophies.

We provide the following services:

•    Our DECAVI’s Bulletin-market studies gives an in-depth market analysis.
•    Our DECAVI’s Insurance Breakfasts facilitate personal interaction and help build up one’s network of insurance contacts.
•    Our DECAVI’s Seminars, both those open to the sector in general and those which are exclusive enable us to help tailor our information to your own specific needs.
•    Our DECAVI’s Insurance Trophies gives public recognition to the most successful players in the Belgian market.
•    We organise accredited lectures for brokers.