DECAVI supports Belgian cinema

Thanks to the financing linked to the tax shelter, a tax incentive intended to encourage the production of audiovisual and cinematographic works, DECAVI has contributed to the realization of a whole series of cinematographic projects. If some of the works financed by DECAVI are intentionally playful (“Yakari” or even “Zombillénium”), others are much more serious and have become real masterpieces: they have been the subject of many positive comments in the press and are presented in many festivals (“Ashcan – The Secret Prison ” or “ThePaper Brigade “).

What motivated DECAVI above all is to contribute, very modestly, to a work of memory on our history, so that the past (in its darkest aspects) does not repeat itself for generations to come. DECAVI therefore finances all types of work: films, documentaries and even animated films. We have listed them (the year mentioned in brackets is the year in which DECAVI funded the work).

Brochure Tax Shelter Decavi – 08.2020